. . . I had a really bad car rental experience. Eek!

Last week while traveling in Canada (which was an otherwise AMAZING trip) I chose to ignore my inner voice when it was telling me to change my car rental (ok, I was being cheap) and in turn I struggled through a very slow and deflating lesson about trusting my intuition.

These things happen from time to time. We hear our inner voice nudging us in a different direction, we choose not to listen, and then with perfect hindsight vision we know that everything would have gone smoothly if we had just listened to our inner voice.

Hindsight is perfect. It reveals where and why we chose not to listen to our inner wisdom, where we trusted anothers voice over our own, or where we let a fear or worry take over. While it may sometimes be painful, we discover just how accurate our inner voice is. And ultimately, coming to know the accuracy of our inner voice is pretty powerful!

So how do we cultivate intuitive certainty in such a way that we respond and take action on such guidance?

In this weeks Priestess Pathway Podcast I share the insights I gleaned from my car rental hiccup and 4 steps to cultivate intuitive certainty. Listen here:

Companion audios (crystal message and guided meditation) can be found here: https://loriaandrus.com/podcast


Wishing you a beautiful week!
Shine Brightly!


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Trust your inner Wisdom - Lori A Andrus