So I just wrapped up my jewel shopping for the day. My dear friend, Monica joined me this morning. It was her first ever gem show and it was so much fun to hear about her experience (all of those crystals in one place can be VERY overwhelming).

How to Rock Gem Show Shopping

As soon as we walked out the door she took a big exhale and said “I feel like I want to eat a whole bag of chips!” We both laughed because that is one of our code phrases for ‘energetic overwhelm’. Then she started sharing her experience walking from booth to booth. Like me, Monica is very empathic.

Over the years I have taken many people to gem shows and while each person’s response is a little different there is a collective wondering about how I stay grounded and discern my best energetic match for vendors . . . they will ask me questions about why I choose to pay a bit more for the ‘same jewels’ I can purchase 3 booths away for less or why I walk the entire showroom floor listening to my tunes before making a single purchase.

There definitely is an art to gem show shopping.
I have shared some of my favorite strategies in this podcast:

It is also something I will be diving much deeper into for a very special bonus for the Journey Jewels Guide Certification . . . are you ready to dive deeper in your work with crystals and stones? Join me:

Sending you lots of love!


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