I’m so excited to share this weeks message with you because I’ve created a video for you about one of my favorite sacred practices (yes, I said favorite)…sacred travel!

As a priestess, I have discovered that visiting sacred sites and different landscapes (both in my backyard and in exotic places) is one of the ways that I explore my inner worlds, heal and transform old belief patterns, and truly nourish myself on all levels…mind, body, and spirit.

I have traveled all over the US and to sacred sites in South America such as Machu Picchu and the Island of the Sun.  Each place upon this great earth has a unique energy, and that unique energy contributes to our transformational journeys in powerful ways.

Right now, I’m in Southern California working on a couple projects that really seem to need the energy of this area in order to move from idea into form.

We all need different environments and landscapes to continue expanding into our highest self.  Simply taking time for a sacred escape helps us to reconnect with our inner voice, to come back into center, to heal, to transform, to refocus, and to open to our next most empowered step on our journey.

Yes, determining where to go can be a bit tricky, so in this weeks video I share with you the sacred practice I use to clarify my travels.

wishing you joyfilled visions of your sacred escape,