I’m heading to Minneapolis this morning for a gem show. With the recent Activate Your Crystal Connection webcast series I have been receiving visions of both new stones to work with and new jewelry designs . . . and I am eager to discover more as I shop the jewels today!

Over the years I have learned A LOT about shopping for jewels . . . quality, natural vs. dyed, pricing and how to negotiate prices, how to keep my focus, stick to my budget, and so much more. But one of the things I don’t often talk about is how I keep my shopping (and crystal collecting) a sacred practice.

Well this week a really beautiful conversation opened up on my facebook page about the delicate dance between crystal hoarding and creating an active, working crystal collection. If you are a crystal lover, you can likely relate to how easy it is to accumulate more jewels than you need or could possible work with.

Well this happened to me and the crystals gave me a pretty clear reality check. Within 24 hrs of my Tucson jewel purchases arriving home my crystals told me I needed to let them ALL go.They guided me in finding their next home . . . but I was a bit bummed (ok, maybe I really felt a little more like Gollum not wanting to letting go of ‘my precious’ . . . a gorgeous, table-full of jewels that were going to move on!).
Crystals on the Table
Since then my relationship with crystals has definitely changed and I feel so much more discerning about my perfect crystal allies.

Listen to this weeks Priestess Pathway Podcast to hear the full story and discover 4 great reasons why it’s just as amazing to leave the crystals in their natural home as it is to bring them into your home.


Shine Brightly,

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