So often I hear people say . . .”I wish I knew my purpose.”
Sometimes it is accompanied by a giggle of disbelief that there is such a thing as a life purpose.
Other times there is a deep sadness or worry that ones life purpose will never be revealed.
And very often it is accompanied by an urgency to discover and connect with and live it.

I know the pain of feeling disconnected from it. I know the pain of feeling like there has to be a greater reason I was put on this earth . . . a greater way I can show up and be of service.

I spent a lot of time looking for answers outside of myself . . . thinking there was some big life puzzle I just needed to solve. But the answers revealed themselves as I began looking within.

Our life purpose is not something that evades us,
but rather something that lives within us.

As we dive in and explore ourselves more intimately, that purpose becomes crystal clear.

I created the Priestess Pathway Podcast as a way to share stories, experiences, and helpful tools and techniques for creating that intimate relationship with ourselves. In this week’s podcast I dive into Sacred Agreement #2 of the Priestess Covenant: Honor the Body Temple . . . and I share the link I see between our body and our knowing of our life path.

Companion audios (crystal message + guided meditation) can be found here:

Wishing you a magical week!

Shine Brightly!


Body Temple - Priestess Pathway Podcast - Lori A Andrus