Happy Harvest Full Moon!

As we approach the Fall Equinox we are entering a season of rebirth and new beginnings.  During this time the veils between the worlds (our physical world and the spiritual world) become thin, making this is an incredibly rich time to work with the sacred…creating true and lasting change, transformation and healing.

Such change and transformation is possible because when we work with the sacred (through ceremony, ritual and sacred practice) we are shifting our consciousness from a reality where logic and reason control our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs to a reality where all things are possible.

Yes!  This is truly what happens when we work with the sacred.  We unite with the Divine, we open to inspiration, and we welcome magic and miracles.

The next two weeks are a powerful time for ceremony.

And the Harvest Moon is a powerful time to begin bridging the worlds by taking time to reflect upon the last year and offer a ceremony of gratitude.

IMG_4986 - Version 2So let’s begin by creating a sacred space.  Say a little prayer to connect with the Divine, perhaps you wish to welcome your spirit guides.  Light a candle, burn some incense, and turn on some soft music

1.  Reflect on the last year.  What are at least 5 highlights, celebrations, or successes?  What are 3 lowlights, challenges, or disappointments?  Write down each one.  You may wish to give each one a separate piece of paper.

2.  Take a moment to reflect on your lists honoring both your celebrations and your challenges.  Is there anything within that needs to be expressed regarding each item you wrote down?  If so, take a couple notes.

3.  How have each of these celebrations and challenges impacted the person you are today?  How do you experience or see the world differently?  As you write down these experiences approach them as if they are a harvest from your garden.  Some may feel more bountiful than others and that is ok.  But just as with a garden harvest, allow yourself to experience gratitude for all experiences.  Each one has allowed you to see the world with new eyes.

Feel this sense of gratitude through your entire body…allow it to wash over you, to cleanse you.

Sometimes, when our year does not feel incredibly fruitful the opportunity to lovingly reflect upon it helps us clarify the seeds we truly want to plant this fall.  If this is your experience…let yourself find gratitude in this opportunity to clarify what you are ready to receive in the upcoming year.

4.  Gather your candle, each of the pieces of reflection, a small burning bowl (or kitchen pot works wonderfully), and some extra matches.  Step outside and burn each of your reflections, one by one.  As you do, speak each one out loud, honoring and acknowledging each experience with gratitude.

Burning your reflections is a way of bringing the energetic year (the year of the soul) to a close.  It is also a symbolic way of letting go of your attachment to the events and surrendering them to the Divine.  When we surrender what has been, we create space for what is to be.

5.  Offer the ashes to the earth.  I like to add them to a garden…but you can offer them any place that feels right.

6.  Add a clean piece of paper to an altar or significant space and as thoughts, ideas and inspiration for the upcoming year begins to come into your awareness…record them there.

Once your ceremony is complete, say a prayer to close your space.

I would love to hear about your experience…please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Wishing you a beautiful Harvest Moon!

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