This week, Friday, we welcome the fall season.

Fall is a powerful time for letting go of what is complete and creating space for new beginnings!

Have you been feeling this energy already?

Oh my, I have. For me it has felt fiery and creative and at the same time there has been a bit of sadness (and perhaps a bit of grief) as I clear through some of my space and let go of ideas and visions that just never came to form.

Being a creative person, this happens. Ideas and visions flow in. They land. I plant them. Some take root and come into form, others don’t.

This past week I found myself coming face to face with a closet full of ideas and visions whose time has come and passed. Some of them I’ve brought to life and others simply lived in my heart or within conversations.

As I cleared out a closet of rolled up paper filled with ideas for classes, programs, podcast episodes and so much more I decided to create a ceremonial fire to honor them and let them go . . . to allow the words and ideas to be carried away by the smoke and through the ash, returned to the earth.

The fall season invites us to bring clarity to what is working and what is not and to then create space for what wants to come forward . . . and one of the most powerful ways to create this space is through ceremony and ritual.

Now, I’m a big fan of energetically working with creative cycles through big elaborate fire ceremonies, and there are so many other amazing rituals that we can work with to align with the natural rhythm of the fall season.

In this week’s episode of Rooted Life Radio I share several of my favorite fall rituals. Listen Now:

Wishing you a beautiful week!

Shine Brightly,


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