Happy Earth Day!

This is such a special day to me. A day dedicated to the celebration of our great Mother Earth!
Our great Mother Earth supports, nourishes, and provides for us in so many ways . . . and today is a day set aside for us to shower her with our love and gratitude. There are so many ways we can do this . . . from simply taking a walk or spending time in nature, to collecting the trash we spot as we walk through a parking lot, or even offering a big ceremony.

This morning as I sat in reflection, I tuned into the many gifts of Mother Earth that adorn my home: crystals, driftwood, seashells, metals, and the plant based materials used to create furniture, flooring, and foods. Treasures from Mother Earth are everywhere. They are infused in every aspect of our life. And not only that, she is an incredible teacher. As I sat in reflection, I could feel the gentle ways she guides and attunes me to her rhythms and cycles and how I uniquely experience them.

This morning I listened closely, with an open heart, to her wisdom and I asked her how I could be of service to her today? As I listened, my awareness came to my crystals and stones, in particular a fishbowl of jewels that are cracked, broken, or for some reason just did not make the cut for my pieces of jewelry. This bowl was full of beautiful pieces. I pulled it out and sat with it. I could hear Mother Earth inviting me to return these pieces to her, to beautifully adorn her with a mandala of jewels.

My heart filled with excitement. It felt perfect . . . a perfect gift from my heart to hers.

So this afternoon, I will be setting out to my favorite trail to offer my prayers, gratitude, and a jeweled mandala. Stay tuned for pictures . . .

I would love to invite you to share how you celebrated Earth Day. Leave a message in the comments section below . . .

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Shine Brightly,

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