I’ve loved Rubies for as long as I can remember…but it’s funny, the first time I received rubies, they came as a gift from one of my vendors.  This was about 6 years ago, and I actually sat with them for about 3 years before I could decide just what to do with them.  They felt so special and no project really seemed worthy of them.

Ruby Jewels in Cali

Wearing my Ruby Jewels while driving the Cali coast.

Then, in December of 2010, inspiration struck.  I was preparing for a 5 week road trip to the west coast and a vision for a new pair of earrings came to me.  They were long, dancing lightly on the shoulder.  Brass with Rutilated Quartz, Rubies, Freshwater Pearls and fluttery brass leaves.  I got to work, created them and wore them nearly every day of my 5 week journey.

I felt amazing wearing them…they felt special and I felt special wearing them.  I wore them hiking and while walking along the ocean…somehow they just seemed to work for every situation and I fell in love with them (and how they made me feel).

Since then, this pair has continued to be a favorite, but recently I realized I needed to dive a little deeper with my connection to the Ruby…I purchased some pretty spectacular pieces in Tucson at the gem show in February and these pieces are a part of my newest collection (Divine Pathways).

This morning as I sat in meditation, I journeyed down deep into mother earth following my roots.  As I entered an open space, I saw a beautiful ruby hanging from the very tip of my root.  It was brilliant, bright, and illuminated the space surrounding me.  I was in awe.  Every cell of my body opened, receiving the brilliance of its light.  I joined hands with my guide and began to recognize the community of people surrounding us.  The light from the ruby began to connect heart to heart with everyone.  We opened together.  I felt like it was activating deep level of trust and a deep opening.  I realized that it was guiding me in becoming deeply rooted in my knowing of self…and then it was activating that knowing within others.

I feel like ruby has done just that for me.  It has guided me in becoming deeply rooted and grounded in my knowing of self.  And I see that happen with others as they wear and connect with the ruby.  It’s pretty amazing.  I actually feel that is one of the most valuable gifts we can receive in our life…a deeply rooted knowing of self.

Ruby knows our pathway to living a prosperous life is to activate our root chakra, to make a pure connection with the core of who we are, to offer and share who we are with the world, and to allow our love to flow connecting heart to heart.

So today, I send you my love with brilliant ruby lights!

much love,  Lori