I love to ask questions.

It’s a great way to break out of a funk, ground new ideas, open your heart to where you feel stuck or challenged, and it is a great way to create space to truly listen within.

But there was a time when I did not feel like I had permission to ask questions, or that perhaps my questions were wrong or silly . . . so I silenced and shut down my natural curiosity.

I’m so happy that has changed.

Getting curious has opened so many doors of possibility and connection . . . within myself, with others, with spirit, and within my sacred work.

It has helped me heal, glean insight, navigate challenging times, transform relationships, and clarify what makes my sense of meaning and purpose.

Purpose gently unfolds and reveals itself as we develop a heartfelt connection with self, with life, and with the sacred. Unleashing our curiosity is part of the process. It brings enthusiasm and creativity to the journey.

The beautiful thing about a sense of purpose and meaning is that as we develop our connection with self and spirit, the expression of our purpose evolves, expands, deepens, strengthens, clarifies, and weaves together in beautiful and unexpected ways as we give ourselves permission to get curious, honor the deeper nudges, and open our hearts to what we cannot yet see. It creates a deeper sense of presence in our daily lives.

On Sunday morning we begin .

During this Free Online Event, we will get curious. We will explore creative ways to open pathways of connection between self, spirit, and nature. You can expect earth-based spiritual practices, a bit of ceremony, and lots of soul-nourishment to inspire your path.

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Wishing you a joy-filled weekend!

with love,


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