May 9th was International Soul Art Day (hosted by Laura Hollick).  A day for creative spirits around the world to dive deep within and connect with their inner worlds…something I just love to do.

May 9th also happened to be the date that my website went live…I hadn’t announced it yet, but it was live.  It was so exciting to see everything up and working together and the intensity of its life felt so amazing.  This was the culmination of 3 months of deep intensive work and seeing it all together was something to celebrate, but instead I was finding myself asking questions like ‘so what’s next?’ and  ‘what offers are you creating?’ and ‘when will they be available?’ and then my own inner critic quickly jumped in with her thoughts.  And while yes I have a list of projects I’m working on and vision I’m ready to breath life into, I felt a bit overwhelmed rather than the joyful space I expected to be experiencing.

So with this soul art journey I wanted to create space for the question of ‘what’s next’ while also celebrating this step.  As I set my intention, I discovered that this meant exploring myself as a shamanic priestess, how she relates to crystals and stones and what is the most empowered way I can begin to express this relationship in my business.

Soul Art Day CrystalsSacred Space:  This was my first step…connecting with the crystals and stones that want to be a part of this journey and creating a sacred space for my unfolding.  The crystals came together to create an alter holding space and grounding vision.  They were a combination of Apophylite, Spirit Quartz, a small Quartz crystal, a Hematite heart, Amethyst, and Celestite…and an assortment of feathers.

magical mystical worlds

Reflective Preparation:  Magazines are so inspiring…pictures, words, colors all move different parts of me…and they inspire my creative mind. One image (the photo to the left) that really stood out to me, for this journey, created a feeling of connection with the magical and mystical aspects of the crystal world…what it is like to be in a crystal cave exploring crystal facets.  This tree trunk felt larger than life and I felt like I wanted to journey within its trunk and down its roots to my own magical cave of crystals.  So that is what I did, and on this journey I began seeing my own legs as the trunk of the tree, and from my feet deep strong roots.

Soul Art Lori AndrusCreation:  My creative process for this journey evolved over the course of 8 days.  I felt like this was a space I needed to visit and revisit and revisit.  Each time gaining deeper insights and further developing the process.  I began by tracing my legs, and then exploring that space by drawing in details with marker.  As I drew I began seeing how my legs are the foundation for my crystal cave…the space where I source my crystal guidance.  It’s bright, magical, and the crystals are larger than life.  It’s deeply rooted and shines with the brilliance of the sun.  And in there I met the part of myself that is my crystal guide…the part that has taught me the language of the stones and how to connect that language with the most empowered destiny for myself and for my clients.

Soul Art Crystal GuideAs I continued to work with this piece I felt called to add my upper body and my head.  I invited my husband to help me with this.  As he traced my body I felt a heart to heart connection, one in which I felt that in that particular moment he was seeing me…the purity of me and his presence felt so loving.  I wondered what the outline would look like and after he finished, when I looked at the outline, I felt beauty.  I felt like I was looking at my outline as he was looking at me…I felt like I was seeing through his eyes…I felt it infused with his love.

Over the next couple days I felt myself really connecting with my crystal guide and she was teaching me how to fully embody her.  She was guiding me in experiencing her essence.  She shared the colors of her expression, the crystals and stones that are most reflective of her and she guided me in creating sacred pieces for an upcoming photo shoot.  She shared with me the vision for the shoot and how to bring to life the elements that were unfolding on paper.  I’m so excited for the opportunity to fully embody her in my photo shoot tomorrow!

Insight:  The piece I really discovered with this journey is that crystals and stones and my connection to them is something that has always lived at my very core.  It is a Divine gift and Now is the time for me to guide others in connecting with their crystal guides and learning the language of the stones so that they may work with the stones aligning people with their most empowered destiny.