My studio has been buzzing with creative energy for the past couple weeks. I have been busy creating new pieces of jewelry and filming videos for the Foundations of Ceremony class. It has been so much fun! And my house is a delightful creative mess. Haha.

There once was a time when this messy part of the creative process really bugged me. But over the years, as I have come to understand creative cycles and rhythms, I recognize this ‘messy phase’ as an essential part of sacred creation. Energy expands and contracts. Things fall apart and come back together. New inspiration lands. And then, as if overnight, creations emerge and everything is tidied up again.

Yesterday was that day. I put the finishing touches on a handful of new necklaces and released the final ceremony class. Last night, class wrapped up with a super sweet and rich q+a call. And Chris arrived home in perfect timing to close the day with a bit of conversation and celebration.

Ahh yes . . . lots of happy heart feelings this morning. It feels like such a gift to share the art of ceremony with a dynamic group. And I just love seeing my studio filled with beautiful new adornments ready to be shared.

In this week’s episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast, I sink deeper into conversation about getting into the creative flow.

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