Happy Mabon!

Today is the mid-point of the spring season and later this week the sky will be lit up by the Scorpio Full Moon and partial lunar eclipse.

As we step into the month of May, we are greeted by a new crystal ally: Garnet. I think garnet is one of my favorite stones for many reasons.

It’s a great ally for . . .

  • mulching heavy energy into fertile soil.
  • getting deeply connected with Mother Earth.
  • clearing away energetic clutter.
  • growing deep roots of connection with life.

And, well, let’s state the obvious, it’s just a gorgeous crystal.

Over the years, garnet has become one of my go-to crystals. When life is a bit chaotic or unsettled, a quick meditation with it brings me back into my center. It helps me focus my intentions and channel my energy towards meaningful goals.

When garnet popped up in the 2023 crystal forecast as the May ally, I was curious about the message it would bring to us. As I sank in, it shared a message about commitment and being fierce in letting go what is complete so that we can can into alignment with what is authentic and true. Spring is a great time for this energy to show up. It will help us to focus our intentions and bring consciousness to the seeds we are planting (“are you planting what you want to harvest?” it asks.)

In this week’s episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space podcast, I dive deeper into this conversation and share more of what garnet wants to bring to our attention.

Listen in here:

Or enjoy the youtube video version here:

Wishing you a joy-filled week!

much love, Lori

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