Hello, my sacred friend,

We are nearing Sunday’s full moon and I’ve been feeling the pull from my crystals to dive into ritual with them.

I love full moon energy.
My senses feel heightened.
Dreamtime feels clearer.
I have more focus and clarity.
And my spiritual connection feels stronger.

Perhaps you experience some of this with the full moon too.

While I’ve spent a lot of time exploring how to flow with the moons creative cycles and rhythms, I still find myself learning something new with each moon cycle. And I continue to find myself in awe of the ways it affects me; emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

In this week’s episode of Crystal Shaman Life podcast I share one of my favorite full moon crystal rituals . . . Crystals in the Moonlight. 

Have you ever done this? 

Have you been curious about the deeper reasoning behind why this is such a great practice? 

I dive into all of that in this week’s episode. And, I even share a couple crystal shaman stories and experiences. 

Listen Here:

Wishing you a joy-filled weekend!
Shine Brightly,


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