Mosaic LighthouseThis past week has been filled with intense rumbles from Mother Earth and whirling winds from Father Sky. These events offer us an opportunity to pause and ask ourselves: “what, within my own life, is rumbling, quaking, and whirling?” The pieces of our lives that no longer feel like they are on solid ground are simply letting us know they are ready for growth and transformation.

In last weeks message on change, I overlooked mentioning that sometimes change is hard. And sometimes, we need the earth to quake or a hurricane to whirl around us so the glass bottle holding us safely, yet too tightly, will shatter…because unless it completely shatters we do not have space to grow.

Yesterday, while at my favorite spot along the bay of Green Bay, I picked up about 40 pieces of beach glass. As I sat with those pieces I reflected on the process they go through…beginning with being a bottle shattered and then scattered in the water. Over time each piece is caressed and nurtured by the waters of Mother Earth…smoothing the sharp edges. It’s an Amazing Process!

Beach Glass Mosaic I began placing these pieces of beach glass in the sand, creating a my own little mosaic. Greens, blues, white, clear, brown…all of these shattered, broken pieces coming together to create a new picture. A picture that in my heart reflected freedom and a beacon of guiding light… a picture that could only happen because someone found the courage to shatter a bottle.

Yes, you too can shatter the bottle that has held you safe, but has also restricted your freedom. You don’t have to wait for the destruction of a natural disaster to do so. Mother Earth offers natural cycles of life and death, times for growth and times for change. When we begin to recognize, honor, and flow with these natural cycles our personal growth, change and rebirth can begin to happen with grace and ease.

Friday was new moon. The two week period of time from new moon to the full moon is a time of growth and blooming. This is a time of action. So anything that may have rumbled under your foundation or shattered with the hurricane is giving you the space to create new!

By becoming free from the binds of our past, we have an opportunity to change…and Change truly brings Freedom.

Shine Brightly,

Lori A Andrus

Personal Reflections…
I invite you to re-visit the video I shared last week (previous post) about embracing change….

Revisit the reflection questions 1 – 3 and here’s #4

4.  Engage your authentic creative nature!  Play with fragmented pieces of nature (driftwood, stones, sand, leaves, flower petals, etc) and create your own picture.  Allow yourself to be surprised by what these fragmented pieces have to show you!

Stones for Freedom

Mookaite Jasper creates a deep connection to Mother Earth awakening your ability to source from the Earth for vitality, passion, and energy creating a youthful air.

Yellow Jade brings a deeps sense of joy, happiness, and ease with all transitions.

Citrine brings clarity to your personal will and the creativity needed to manifest all of your dreams.