Experience the Magic and Healing Energy of Nature.

Lori A Andrus among the Redwoods

"Into the forest I must go to lose my mind and find my soul. "

- John Muir

Ready to sink into some Soulful Nature Time?

This 11-day journey invites you to set aside 15 – 30 minutes each day
to sink into connection with the natural world.
It is a time to get outside and explore this sacred gem of a planet in new and meaningful ways.

Nature is healing. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually.

Nature is Everywhere. The Spirit of nature is alive in your house plants, crystals and stones, shells, flowers, fresh foods, the air you breathe, the rain that falls upon your face, the wind that gusts past the window, and the insect that scurries about on the sidewalk

Some places are more obvious than others,

but in all places, the Spirit of Nature is Alive!

The natural world is patiently waiting to connect with you in new and meaningful ways.

You can deepen this connection with nature through sacred practice and mindful presence.
As you do, you not only attune to the pulse of the natural world, you begin to cultivate a relationship with all of life.

Coffee and journal by Lake Eva
Moon Rock by Fire - Lake Eva
Rocks on Log - Lake Superior

During the 11-day Into the Forest Journey, you will . . .

Attune to nature with each of your senses.

Discover how to create sacred offerings and gifts for Mother Earth.

Experience simple practices for co-creating with the earth.

Receive wisdom and messages from nature.

Become more deeply present with the subtle rhythm of the natural world.

This journey is great for both spiritual newbies as well as seasoned practitioners ready to breathe new life or a sense of renewed passion into their daily practice.

We will have fun, get creative, and get connected


Everyone has a unique doorway for connecting with nature.

Let’s Open Yours!

Here’s what you can expect.

Day 1. Open the doorway to the natural world.

Day 2. Set a meaningful intention.

Day 3. Select your sacred place of connection. 

Day 4. Honor and activate your space. 

Day 5. Ground with the earth. 

Day 6. Awaken to the earth’s creative rhythm.

Day 7. Listen with your senses. 

Day 8. Ritual to welcome earth wisdom. 

Day 9. Sacred practice to offer a gift to the earth. 

Day 10. Sacred practice to welcome a gift from the earth. 

Day 11. Bringing it all together. Weave the threads of your experience for deeper insight and understanding.

Guided Meditations Include:

 ♦  Into the Forest  ♦
♦  Listening with Your Soul  ♦

And many more magical experiences along the way!!!

Begin Today!

Get outside. Have fun. Connect with nature!



What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellations and/or refunds are not available with this class.

When will the material for this journey be available?

Great question. This content will be released daily beginning on Wednesday, June 1st. Upon registration, you will receive a link to access the journey website. On each day of this journey you will receive an email and link to the class page.

What if I don't live near a forest?

Great question. 

And let me reassure you that NATURE IS EVERYWHERE!

This journey maybe called ‘Into the Forest’, but the journey emphasis is about connecting with nature in your life. That can look like your backyard, a neighborhood park, a local trail, or hanging with some of your favorite crystals, house plants, or shells. 

Will there be a community forum space?

Another great question.


There is a forum space on the journey website where you can ask questions, share your experience, and connect with others. This is the space for us to connect. 

I will not be answering personal emails or messages throughout this program. However I will be very active in the online forum. This space will be open from the moment you sign up until Tuesday, June 21st when we will formally close the forum. You will continue to have access to the program content, just the active group will be complete.

We learn, grow, and weave community as we share our experiences and witness the experiences of others. This forum is a sacred container for you to lean into. I highly encourage you to do so.

Will there be any live group calls?

Yet again, another great question.


This is exclusively a virtual journey. For eleven days you will receive emails with a link to the daily practice. This may include videos, audios, guided meditations, reflection rituals, and other sacred stuff. It is intended to invite you into deeper connection with yourself and with nature. 

I will be active in the Journey Forum and I highly encourage you to do the same. I am oh so excited to connect with you and hear about your experiences there!

Lori A Andrus with Peony

About your guide . . .

Lori is an artist, ceremonial guide, and wisdom teacher. With great joy and deep commitment, Lori artfully blends her background as an occupational therapist with nearly two decades of deep study in the areas of spirituality, earth-based healing, ceremony, and crystal wisdom.

Known for asking spot-on questions, she invites her clients to explore the most intimate facets of their soul. Her creative and inspiring online programs offer breakthrough lifestyle applications and support individuals in rising into their soul wisdom and shining brightly in the world.

Through the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast Lori shares practical ways to bring crystal wisdom and sacred practice into your everyday life.

It is time to experience nature in new & meaningful ways.

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