I’m enjoying my final full week in the forest before closing up camp for the season. This always feels like a bittersweet time. Part of me is ready for the changes this new season brings while another part longs to hold onto sweetness that summer has been. Chris and I blazed new trails up here this year (literally and figuratively). It’s been quite the adventure.

But for now, I’m lingering in soft moments on the dock as the sun rises and sets each day. Pausing to enjoy the brilliant colors in the forest. And sitting by the warm fire as the evening winds down.

These soft spaces create time to reflect and listen to the gentle voice within . . . and further opens my heart to what is on the horizon.

Over the past week I’ve had some pretty dynamic conversations with friends, colleagues, and clients about inspiring and new possibilities . . . things that would not have been previously considered, yet something feels so right and so aligned that saying yes is the natural and right answer.

I think this is a theme many of us are experiencing.

Doors of new possibility are opening fast right now.

Will you courageously step through?

Or will you hesitate with uncertainty?

My vote’s for courageously stepping through the doorway;-)

I feel like the energy unfolding right now is supportive of taking a leap and trusting your soul’s guidance. Trust that you have laid a solid foundation for what is next. It is time.

So whatever you have been thinking about . . .

  • give it a try.
  • have the difficult yet loving conversation.
  • open your heart.
  • sink in a bit deeper.
  • spend more time doing the things that make you feel alive.

It is time to do things a bit differently. Don’t hesitate.

In today’s episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast I sink deeper into this conversation. Listen in:

wishing you a joy-filled week, Lori

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