Fluorite…such a beautiful stone, a rainbow of color capturing the green to blue to purple hues to crystal clarity.  But this little powerhouse can really take a person by surprise.   Especially if you are someone who is highly sensitive or empathic…Fluorite will likely leave you buzzing.  In fact when I began working with Fluorite, I would feel like I drank about 5 extra cups of coffee.  My heart would race, my mind would flit, and if I was wearing the Fluorite I would need to take it off and step outside to get grounded.

Yet the energy of Fluorite is to support in creating focus and clarity.

For me this felt very conflicting.  My experiences with Fluorite were, quite frankly, internal chaos and distraction.  Yet over the years this stone continued to appeal to me, making me curious why its message was not matching my experience.  So I decided I needed to stay present with Fluorite through my feelings of being over caffeinated and inner chaos to see what would emerge..and here is what I discovered.

Fluorite is really just bringing to the surface all of the distractions, thoughts, ideas, etc that are whirling through the mind, body and spirit.  This can obviously feel overwhelming…but Fluorite is a catalyst.  It was bringing to the surface all of the things that were keeping me from true focus and truly moving forward…things not only in my inner world, but in my outer world as well.  Things that I was trying to separate myself from, but really needed to be present with in order to stand in the wholeness of me.

Yes, I recognize this may be making you think…why on earth would I ever want to work with Fluorite?  But I have to say that if we are going to live our highest vision…we absolutely have to acknowledge all of those places of chaos that are interfering with our ability to step into and live our sacred path.  And to be honest…sometimes we need an uncomfortable magnification in order to see the full picture and begin understanding.

I agree…there really is nothing more uncomfortable than having all of my junk in my face at once…but when it comes to getting serious and taking big leaps…this is the stone I want around.  Bringing all of that junk to the surface gives a big picture of what is really happening.  And in order to truly find clarity and focus, to truly bring dreams & goals into reality we need the big picture…we need the magnification and the courage to be lovingly present with what surfaces.  This is what allows us to offer compassion to what we would otherwise ignore or push against.  It is what allows us to do the healing we need to do in order to become the person we always imagined.  A little (or a lot) of chaos is what we need to truly transform.

So here are some thoughts on how to most powerfully work with Fluorite:

1.  Pick a project…a project you’ve been putting off, avoiding, or not wanting to deal with.  This may be something work related, it may be clearing a closet, or writing personal notes, etc.  Write down your note of intention for that project.  Clearly state the project and time frame  For example:  I am transitioning my seasonal clothing and refreshing my bedroom closet by Sunday.

2.  Use your breathe to blow that intention into the piece of Fluorite.  You may choose to keep the piece with you, place it on an alter, or maybe in your intended work space.

3.  Be ready and be a sacred witness!  Everything is going to pop up…ok maybe not everything…but everything that has a thread of connection to your resistance to completing your intention.  This is why it is essential that you remember your intention and that your priority is being a sacred witness to the treads that are emerging.  Those threads will come together to create a full picture of an unhealed story…be a Sacred Witness to your Story.  Remember…Sacred Witnesses witness…they do not judge.

4.  Connect the threads by journaling about what’s popping up…here are some suggestions to get you started:  What is the theme of distractions that popped up for you?  What does it connect to in your life?  How does this tread make you feel?  What limiting belief do these threads reflect?

5.  Honor, with love and compassion, what has emerged.  For me…this is a time for ceremony.  It is a time to make a shift at the level of my soul…and soul level shifts occur most powerfully in ceremony and ritual.  Be creative and develop a ceremony to honor this emergence.

Fluorite & Selenite by Computer

6.  Now that you’ve honored what needs to be honored…get the job done!  And have fun doing it!

7.  Clear your stone & pick your next project.

Give this a try…and in the space below let me know how it goes!

Sending you lots of focus love!

Lori Signature

p.s.  Fluorite is now one of the 2 stones I keep underneath my computer screen…the other is Selenite.