Hello sacred friend . . .

Last night as the moon rose over the lake I laid on the dock in a refreshing sense of oneness. Bathing in the moonlight, I experienced one of those feelings, one of those moments I would love to bottle and share with the world.

Instead I took a picture.

I invite you to breathe it in. Let the essence and wisdom of the moon flow through every cell of your body.

Lake Eva in the Moonlight

This week summer comes to an official close as we celebrate the Fall Equinox and welcome the fall season.

I’m up at camp again for a couple days enjoying a bit of solitude and celebrating both this week’s full moon and the fall equinox with lots and lots of ceremony.

The changing season brings with it a changing energy . . . an energy that invites us into deeper reflection, a more gentle rhythm, and to honor our intuitive nature.

In this weeks Crystal shaman life podcast, I share some ideas and suggestions regarding how you can flow with and honor this season change in your life. Tune in here: 

Wishing you a joy-filled week!

with love and crystals, Lori

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