Did you have an opportunity to see last night’s lunar eclipse?

I think this may have been the first time I watched a lunar eclipse . . . and I enjoyed every moment!

I met up with two of my priestess friends for a beach ceremony at Lake Michigan. As we began ceremony, the sky was cloud covered, but by the time we finished opening sacred space, the sky cleared and our view of the moon danced between a mystical fog and crystal clarity. It felt magical.

Moon cycles, eclipses, and seasons all create an energetic ripple that affects us on all levels; mind, body, and spirit. As we tune into the ways they uniquely affect us, we can begin to move with them and harness their natural momentums in a way that is supportive of our own. Imagine what it would feel like to flow through a cycle of reflection and inner exploration allowing your inspiration to fully land and develop rather than fighting it by trying to bring a creative idea to life before it’s complete.

When we resist a natural cycle we struggle. When we move with it, we flow.
We feel in alignment and we know exactly when to slow down for times of inner reflection and when to leap forward with bold changes and transformations.

Yesterday’s full moon + lunar eclipse is inviting us to root into our most authentic self and to express her in our lives. This moon cycle is calling us to lift the veils, drop our masks, and open our hearts to the beauty, truth, and power of who we are. Tune into this weeks podcast to discover how you can flow with this moon cycle.

Crystals for Fall can be found here: https://loriaandrus.com/podcast
I wish you a beautiful and inspired week!

Shine Brightly!

Flow with your natural rhythms and cycles

The energy this moon cycles is dynamic. It is a powerful time to harness the momentum of this moon cycle by shedding the layers that mask your authenticity and rooting deeply into your most sacred truths. You were born to be is your most authentic self!

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Root into you! - Lori A Andrus