Happy Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse!

There is so much energy is moving right now. For many of us, the numbness or sluggish energy we had been feeling earlier this year has shifted and we are in a full on flood of creative ideas and inspiration. With a flood of ideas such as this, we often feel a desire to rush into immediate action or to push to make things happen now. This is exciting energy yet if we respond to it by pushing or leaping into immediate action, we create overwhelm and exhaustion.

This full moon, lunar eclipse is a time to simply open our hearts and receive all of the information and ideas coming in . . . and to heal and let go of any fear’s, doubts, worries, or judgments that show up. It’s a time for gentle action, the kind where we create a space for our ideas and inspiration to land and be nurtured. When we take action in this way we surprisingly feel rested, restored, and replenished.

Here are three great practices you can work with during this full moon . . .

  1. Journal. Set aside time (early in the day or just before you go to bed are great times) to reflect and take notes on the flood of ideas that has been coming through. I personally love to carry my journal with me throughout the day so that I can write things down as they come in. I find that if I don’t write them down right away I either consume a lot of energy trying to hold onto the idea or I completely forget about it by the time I get to my journal later in the day.
  2. Create a sacred space for the energy of your ideas to land. I love altars for this. Gather your ideas into one space where you arrange them in a way that feels sacred for you. Of course there are a lot of great suggestions about how to arrange your altar, but the most powerful (and empowering) altars are ones where we trust our inner guidance about where everything needs to go.
  3. Burn baby burn. Oh my, I’m a big fan of fire ceremonies. Big or small. They are a great way to work with the doubt, fear, judgement, worries, and chaos that ensues with a flood of inspiration. A great little practice is to write down the distracting thoughts that are coming in, breathe the energy into the paper, and light it on fire. I use a small little burning bowl for this, but some other great options are to step outside (again using some form of burning bowl), or burning it over your kitchen or bathroom sink. A little obvious side note and disclaimer here . . . always, always, always be careful when working with fire. Know your surroundings and be responsible.

  4. Ok . . . this is an extra . . . Put your crystals in the Full Moon light. This energy is amazing and they will enthusiastically soak in this moon’s energy. Here’s a great podcast about how to do that:

3 Great Jewels to connect with during this full moon lunar eclipse . . .

Blue Lace Agate, Moonstone, Lapis


Blue Lace Agate . . . This lovely is so amazing at opening our throat chakra so that we may confidently and comfortable bring words to the magic flowing in. This is a great ally for bringing words to our ideas and visions.

Lapis Lazuli . . . This is definitely a time for powerful and amazing visions. Lapis will open our channel for vision to flow in clearly.

Moonstone . . . well this lovely is amazing for connecting with our natural rhythms and cycles. She will remind us to slow down (or if needed speed up) and really move with a rhythm that is most empowering for us.

I’d love to hear how you are experiencing this full moon and what jewels have been coming forward for you to work with this week!

Wishing you a glorious full moon!

much love,