Over the weekend, in the midst of a very busy day, I saw this phrase written on the mall wall: “Feel the echo of the earth.”

As I read those words, I felt those words. I felt my roots deepen. I felt myself sink in and trust at a deeper level.

Trust seems to be a theme that is up for a lot of people right now. The plans many of us set in motion with the new year are twisting and turning in unexpected ways and this creates an unsettled feeling . . . especially as we near the spring season, a time when the vision we nurtured through winter springs to life.

The thing is, many of us went very deep this winter. We did some deep healing and grew in profound ways. For many of us, this healing and growth has been triggered by all of the political turning over and just as rapidly as these political changes have come into effect, we too have been rapidly healing and transforming. We may not have sought out some of the transformation that is happening, and we may not yet see where it is leading us, but these unexpected twists and turns are bringing our vision into alignment with how much we have grown.

This is super cool and, this is intense. We are navigating new territory in our lives. Spirit is asking us to trust this new alignment by taking courageous leaps.

Feeling the echo of the earth is a powerful way to cultivate the level of trust we need right now. It is through the echo of the earth that we recognize this unique time in history and the unique role that we play in its unfolding. As we align with the earth’s natural rhythm and feel the earth’s natural timing, we come into harmony with that timing, we discover our natural timing and we trust ourselves to spring forward with bold and courageous action.

Our crystal friends are the bones of the earth, they carry the earth’s echo and wisdom, and they are incredible allies for us as we surrender our defenses and open our hearts to possibility.

As you tune in for this week’s episode of the Priestess Pathway Podcast, grab your favorite crystal and join me for a guided meditation to ‘feel the echo of the earth.’

Wishing you a beautiful week!

Shine Brightly,


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