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Stones Speak Oracle by Lori A Andrus

Now Available on Kickstarter – The Stones Speak Oracle Deck. 

a must have tool for crystal lovers ready to deepen their connection with their inner wisdom and the natural world. This 45 card oracle deck and 150 page full-color guidebook was created by me, Lori A Andrus. Through a soulful collaboration with the crystals and stones the cards highlight art from forty-five original crystal paintings and the guidebook features channeled wisdom and heartfelt messages for navigating the sacred journey of life.

Crystal Camp 2024 with Lori A Andrus

July 25 – 28. Crystal Camp: A 4-day Forest Immersion and Crystal Divination Retreat

In Person at Sanctuary 906 in the Keweenaw Peninsula of MI.

Activate a new level of self expression and energetic alignment during this four-day forest retreat. You will sink into ceremony, connect with forest wisdom, and discover how the art of divination can support you in further weaving your magic in the world.


the Sanctuary Membership Circle with Lori A Andrus

Ongoing. Online.

The Sanctuary Circle is a sacred space to nourish your soul, cultivate an intimate relationship with your voice of inner wisdom, and connect with a like-minded community.

Each month you will be invited to . . .

     – explore the crystal of the month and ‘in the now’ new moon messages.
– step into a live full moon ceremony.
– connect with others through community calls.

Through ceremony, sacred practice, soulful reflection, and a vast resource library the Sanctuary Circle is a space for you to spend sacred time with you and explore how you relate to the moon cycles, seasons, and natural world. It is a space to open pathways of connection to your intuition, heal, create change, and amplify your light in the world.

As you spend sacred time with you, meaningful change unfolds quickly and you begin to navigate life’s ups and downs with greater ease.

Crystal Soul Fusion

2024 Crystal Forecast – Replay Only. 

Tune into the replay to discover the 2024 Crystals and Stones.

Join Lori for this annual event where she will tap into the pulse of 2023 and do a monthly crystal reading the coming year.