ImageWhen is the last time you felt completely inspired?  Do you remember when, where you were, or maybe what you were doing?

I absolutely love that feeling…it fills every aspect of my spirit and I feel like I’ve connected with a whole new aspect of life.  But I also recognize there are times when inspired moments feel distant.   Perhaps you’re familiar with this feeling.

Within every moment, an opportunity for inspiration exists, but busy schedules and life happenings often interfere with our ability to notice them.

Just returning from a very inspiring journey I’ve noticed several strategies for embracing inspired moments.

1.  Spend time in nature…for me some landscapes bring more inspiration than others…do you know what landscapes inspire you?

2.  Create stillness in your mind…for some people this may be sitting on a cushion and meditating…but for me the best times and places for creating stillness within my mind is when I am going for a hike or working in my garden doing repetitive tasks such as weeding or trimming back plants.  What are your strategies for creating stillness?

3.  Imagine…this allows our inner world to expand to include both real and outlandish ideas…every idea, especially the outlandish ones inspire a new pathway of ideas.  Let your mind become child like and let your imagination run wild!

4.  Oh yes…there are Stones for inspiration…Carnelian ignites your inner fire and creative spirit.  It brings a deep sense of peace & connection with the Divine, the true source of inspiration.  This breathes life into concepts & ideas while supporting you as you take action.   Lapis Lazuli awakens ones intuitive nature, in particular accessing guidance for their own personal journey.  It expands ones vision beyond current obstacles so as to see the greater picture of their journey.

Enjoy Your Inspiration!