As we near this week’s full moon/lunar eclipse I’m noticing how many of the insights that I have experienced over the past year are landing or integrating at an even deeper level. It’s been really interesting. Some of them are arriving with a bit of grit while others have dropped in with ease.

This happens as we integrate our experiences, but the thing is that regardless of how they show up, they are an opportunity to experience a sense of being more deeply rooted in our lives.

Last week I had an opportunity to sink into a deep and heartfelt conversation with my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Vanessa Sage. We sank into some of those moments of grit as we talked about the many facets of what it means to walk a sacred path . . . from answering the call to navigating the many twists and turns that we are presented with as we come to know our inner truth can cultivate the inner strength to stand wholly in that truth.

During this conversation, Vanessa is lovingly raw and real. Each time I re-listen to this conversation I feel my heart expanding even further. It’s warm. It’s real. It’s compassionate. It’s brave. And it is filled with timely wisdom matching the vibe of this week’s full moon/lunar eclipse.

Listen in to this soulful and sacred conversation in this week’s episode of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast. 

Or if you prefer to watch . . .

with love and crystals, Lori

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