Happy Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse!

There is something magical about setting aside a bit of time to experience these lunar events firsthand. Tonight, Chris and I are planning an evening of ceremony and moon gazing in the backyard.

I really love eclipse energy. And even more so, I love being able to watch the sky change during this time of alignment between the sun, the earth, and the moon. If you live in an area where it can be watched, I hope you get a chance to pop outside to and experience the magic.

As the weather has been getting warmer here, I’ve been spending a lot more time outside . . . digging my hands into the garden and getting into the forest.

A couple weeks ago I shared a podcast episode where I spoke about the benefits of spending time in nature. This week I am continuing that conversation in an new episode of Meet Me in Sacred Space entitled: Listening to the Land.

Here are a couple things you can expect in this episode:

  • Insights and messages regarding the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.
  • How do the natural rhythms and cycles support the momentum of our path.
  • How listening aligns us with magical moments.
  • How nature mirrors and illuminates the cycles of creation.
  • The breakdown, end of life phase of the creative cycle can appear messy and chaotic.
  • Finding our way through resistance on a healing or transformational journey.
  • Supporting and being supported by the earth as we move through creative cycles.

Listen in here:

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