Hello my sacred friends and welcome to this very special episode of rooted life radio.

This week I am interviewing my dear friend and colleague, Dr Mary Pritchard. Now this interview is a little different than some of my other interviews and you will notice that right of the bat. So let me give you a little background . . . This interview was created for Dr Mary’s upcoming virtual retreat event ‘The Well Nourished Goddess’ and it has been slightly edited to fit the format of this podcast.

This event begins Sept 18th running through September 29th. Over these 11 days Dr. Mary will be sharing interviews with 20 experts on the topic of sacred self care. I am greatly honored to be one of those featured experts. Register here: http://thewellnourishedgoddess.com

After being interviewed by Dr Mary, I had an opportunity to turn the tables and interview her . . . oh and this was so much fun! This is an intimate conversation about what inspired her to create this event as well as how she has discovered the importance of sacred self care in her own life and what it means to wholly say yes to self love!

So let me tell you a little bit about Dr Mary and then we will dive in . . .

Dr Mary is an expert in the areas of reclaiming body love and reawakening your inner goddess. She is the creatrix of 30 Days to Body Love, The Nourished Temple, and the Reawakened Goddess. She’s also the founder of the thriving “Awaken Your Goddess Within” virtual community, a BodyLove Expert, an esteemed blogger at Psychology Today and Huffington Post, and a frequent contributor to Aspire and Fitness magazines. Dr. Mary is passionately dedicated to empowering today’s women in healing their relationships with food, their bodies, and themselves, reconnecting with their Inner Goddess, stepping through their perceived fears, and embracing the truth of who they are.



much love, Lori

P.S. I would LOVE for you to join us for this beautiful event. Sign up now: http://thewellnourishedgoddess.com