This afternoon I took a little shamanic journey to connect with the essence of love and the message wanting to be shared on this new moon day. 

As I journeyed I felt this quote being recited in my heart . . . 

“And what is it to work with love? . . .
It is to charge all things you fashion with a breath of your own spirit.”

– Kahlil Gibran, the Prophet

Many years ago, as I made the shift from my career as an occupational therapist into a deeper study of spirituality and sharing my artistry through paintings and jewelry, this quote was like a mantra for me . . . one that guided both my creative process and my life. 

Today, as the words echoed in my heart, I felt as though I was once again hearing them for the first time. 

I pulled out the Prophet and read this passage in entirety. Chills. Every cell of my body had chills as I moved from one line to the next.

Always you have been told that work is a curse and labour a misfortune.
But I say to you that when you work you fulfill a part of the earth’s fullest dream, assigned to you when the dream was born.
And in keeping yourself with labour you are in truth loving life,
And to love life through labour is to be intimate with life’s inmost secrets. 

Mmm . . . Do you feel the energy of these words inviting you to open your heart to the unique ways you breathe love into the world?

Our day to day lives are busy. And right now, there are A LOT of external stressors that many of us have never before experienced. For many of us, these stressors have triggered a trauma response locking us into a state of chronic fight, flight, or freeze.

Today’s new moon is inviting us to hit the metaphorical reset button and attune our hearts to the vibration of love. 

I would like to invite you to join me, on Tuesday the 16th for the Attuning to Love Masterclass where we will sink deeper into this topic. This class will be experiential and heart opening. Join us here: 

Also, enjoy this New Moon Podcast for a little dose of Love.

with love and crystals, Lori