I felt so much happiness in my heart when Danburite showed up as the 2022 Crystal of the Year.

This soft pink, light filled, gentle crystal is a pretty powerful ally.

Over the past week I spent a bit of time connecting with this beauty and tuning into its message.

Danburite took me on quite the interesting journey as it reminded me of our first meeting. We met back in 2015 when a friend and I took a day trip from Sedona to Jerome. It was a pretty wild and wacky adventure . . . one I don’t believe I will ever forget.

I did not realize it at the time, but Danburite showed up as an incredible ally on that day. It helped me to not only receive one of my healing gifts, but to share this gift with my friend.

This is a big part of the magic of Danburite . . . it helps us to embody our unique gifts and to courageously share them with others.

What a great ally for the year?

Danburite is most definitely showing up to support us in not only embodying our unique gifts, but in sharing them in personal, heartfelt, and meaningful ways.

In this week’s episode of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast, I dive deeper into Danburites messages for the year.

Wishing you a joy-filled week.

with love and crystals, Lori

P.S. I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on the enrollment page for the Crystal Shaman Initiation Program. Enrollment is opening on the 21st of this month. I would love for you to join me. Stay tuned as more information will be coming soon.

Crystal Shaman School Enrollment Opens