This is a busy time of year in my studio . . . from jewelry creation to program creation, there is a lot of creative energy is flowing.

I just love this point of the creative process. It’s lively and exciting!

This is how I typically experience the fall season. It is the time when the projects that I have been working on through other times of the year all come together and are ready to be shared.

We each have a unique creative cycle. When we discover it and embrace it, we find a life rhythm that is wildly empowering.

Attuning to natural life rhythms is one of the unique ways shamans look at working with crystals and stones.

Earlier this week I received a question about one of my upcoming programs: Crystal Wisdom : 101. It was a great question regarding how much of a shamanic twist this program will include.

It’s funny because as I sat to answer the question I briefly looked at the program outline and thought ‘well, I think it’s really just the final class’. Then I looked a little deeper and realized that the entire program will be taught through my shamanic lens, a perspective that has become such a natural part of my life that I often overlook the unique ways a shaman works with crystals and stones.

So I started asking myself: “How does a shaman work with crystals differently?” and “How did my crystal work shift as I began studying shamanism?”

These questions inspired today’s episode of Rooted Life Radio where I dive into the the sweet spot where crystal work and shamanism merges. Listen Now:


Wishing you a beautiful day!
Shine Brightly!

xoxo, Lori

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Begins 11/8/17 

Crystal Wisdom : 101 is a 5 week journey that opens the doorway for working with crystals and stones. It answers questions about how and why crystals work and how you can tap into their energy to create change, transformation, and healing. During this program you will dive into both the geology and spiritual basics so that you can feel confident selecting your own crystals and stones and working with them in your day to day life. We will also dive into practices such as clearing, charging, setting intention, creating crystal grids, and how to receives messages from your crystals. Learn more

Begins 2/2/18

The Crystal Medicine Wheel is a 12 month journey to create your adventurous, vibrant, and joy-filled life through ancient shamanic practices and deepening your crystal connection. This is a journey of embodiment where you will come to know yourself intimately and as you do, you will more wholly embody your light and your soul. Learn more.