Oooh . . . it is full moon tonight!

The full moon is a time when the light of the moon illuminates what has been hanging out in our shadow so that we can surrender or shed the shadow beliefs and patterns that are holding us back from expanding into our wholeness. For that reason, this is one of my favorite times to make such energetic shifts through ceremony and sacred practice.

One of my FAVORITE full moon practices is to place all of my crystals outside, on the earth, in the moonlight.

(Tonight’s collection hanging out in my sacred garden.)
Our crystals (in particular the ones we most frequently work with) are wonderful mirrors for us . . . and when we become stuck in a rut or need to shake things up in our lives, our crystals are a perfect place to begin. Getting our crystals outside, on the earth, in the moonlight is just like opening our windows on a warm spring day . . . everything feels refreshed.
When you do this, it is also wonderful to spend a little time with your jewels just tuning into the moon’s energy, the crystal’s energy, the earth’s energy and the wisdom they have to share. I find that when all of my jewels are laid out together it feels as though they are having a little party and with that celebration opening space for a powerful shift in consciousness.

So here’s how to do this simple practice tonight . . .

  1. Select a spot. I encourage you to find a place outside where you feel comfortable leaving your jewels overnight. If you do not have one, a windowsill or the earth of a potted plant will work nicely too.
  2. Gather your jewels. Move through your home connecting with your jewels inquiring about which ones would like to be outside tonight to enjoy the moonlight.
  3. Lovingly place them in your chosen spot.
  4. Sit with or meditate with your jewels. Open your heart to any messages they have to share with you. It may feel like you have opened a portal of connection between realms and this opening with offer you a flood of insight. Take time to tune in and receive that wisdom.
  5. Leave your jewels out over night and retrieve them the next day. Tune into what they would like. Sometimes it is nice to leave them out in the sun or for a fresh spring rain. But listen to them and honor what they would like.
  6. Rearrange your jewels in your home. As you bring your crystals back into your home, I encourage you to be open to the new places they want to hang out. Their energy has shifted. Your energy has shifted and they may desire a new placement in your home.
  7. Enjoy the refreshed energy!


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Wishing you a brilliant full moon!

Shine Brightly,

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