This week Thursday is a partial solar eclipse and a new moon…it is a very powerful time to be present with the path you are creating for your life.

Yes, I chose the word creating very carefully.

We are very powerful creators and we have the potential to bring our dreams to life, choosing our destiny.  Or we can allow them to wither under the stories and beliefs we’ve adopted from others.

This new moon solar eclipse is truly a point of new beginning, a point of deciding what is most important to you and then, with your heart and soul, commiting to that.

“Fate is a story that’s been written for you by somebody else.
By your parent’s genes, by what happened to you when you were a child,
by your culture, by the fact that you were born a man or a woman.
Destiny is a story that you write.”
– Alberto Villoldo

As we embrace our creative nature we become the weavers of our destiny…we begin to dream our world into being.  Such creative power can only be guided by the pure wisdom and knowing of our soul and it defies all logic and reason.

For years I have been exploring this in many ways…through ceremony, ritual, sacred practice, and through the creation of jewelry and sacred objects.

Creating jewelry is one of the ways I love to express myself…but for me the process of creating jewelry is about so much more than creating something beautiful…it’s about creating a sacred adornment that activates deep and profound transformation…pieces that align the wearer with her destiny.

Crystals are pretty amazing.  They speak a language beyond words, they speak the language of the soul.  Adorning (yourself or your sacred space) with carefully selected crystals and stones, the ones that have spoken to your soul, is a powerful way to begin dreaming your world into being.

This week, invite you to harness the momentum of Thursday’s new moon, solar eclipse by rediscovering a favorite crystal or connecting with a new one.  Invite it to carry with you the destiny your soul is longing to dream into being.

I wish you a beautiful week!
Shine Brightly!



Crystal Landscape