Hello, my sacred friend!

Last week Journey Jewels turned 8.

It has been 8 amazing years of creating transformational jewelry, offering programs and services, and most importantly it has been 8 amazing years of being able to connect with you! Thank you!

I love anniversaries and birthdays. They are a wonderful time to celebrate and do a little reflection. So when I saw this birthday nearing, I scheduled a little time for just that.

As I sank in, my thoughts wandered back to the very beginning, to the first pieces of jewelry I created (long before the name Journey Jewels came into being), and the life-changing ceremony that allowed me to create space for my work to evolve, and most importantly to moment in time when the crystals revealed that while Journey Jewels has been the name for the jewelry I create it is actually a process for working with crystals and shamanic practices to create healing talisman and transformational sacred objects . . . and most importantly, it is a process to be shared with others!

That awareness was a game changer for me! . . . and just as the name Journey Jewels showed up after a ceremony, so did the program. I LOVE how sacred practice creates space for ideas, dreams, and visions to come into form.

Something I don’t often talk about is the rocky time after I left my career as an occupational therapist.

It is a time when I really struggled to find a way to create a career and make money doing what I love.

And at many points I thought it would never happen. In many ways I felt like a failure. I was strugglingand in the midst of my struggle I even considered going back to being an OT. Now I get that going back to being an OT may have been a good option, but for me it felt like doing that would be turning my back on what I know I am truly here to do.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had left a back door wide open ‘just in case’. And while I had stepped away from my career, being an OT was a safety net and I was clinging to it. I was afraid to truly leap into the unknown.

I think right now many of us are coming face to face with our back doors.

You may be feeling this as a sense of nostalgia for something shiny in your past. Or perhaps you are seeing an old path with fresh eyes and long to return to it because you see how much you’ve grown and think that perhaps now you could rock out what you weren’t equipped for then.

It’s great to look back at the past with fresh eyes, to recognize how much you’ve grown, to see what you maybe once saw as failure as instead a little detour or a journey that prepared you for this exact moment. The challenge is that all too often we look back with rose colored glasses and keep a door open just in case.

Taking a leap is not always as big as changing. There are many subtle ways we have an opportunity to close back doors. This could be making a little change to our diet, shifting the types of conversations we have with our friends and family, it could be giving ourselves a little break from technology, or spending less time inside.

The thing is that once we finally close our back doors, we create space for our dreams and we have the complete freedom to say YES to the Magic + Mystery that wants to be created in our lives!

At the beginning of the year you likely set an intention.

Are you still moving towards it? Or did you find yourself getting distracted?

If you got a bit distracted, don’t worry, this is the perfect time to do a little reflection and look at the doors you’ve been leaving open ‘just in case’. Now is the time to close them.

Over the next couple weeks I will be diving deeper into the topic of Crystals, Creativity, and Money on my podcast Rooted Life Radio​. In this week’s episode I share more about that life-changing ceremony and how you can create space in your life today! Listen here:

Wishing you a wonderful week!

xoxo, Lori

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