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Have you ever felt a soulful connection with a crystal or stone while holding it or admiring its beauty? 

If so, you’re not alone.

Many crystal lovers like you have such experiences. These unexplainable experiences are exactly what prompts them to dive into crystal books and learn as much as they can about crystals and stones. The challenge is that after their deep dive, they still wonder what to do with their stone, why they are drawn to it, and what the crystals message is for them. 

Can you relate?

Chain Coral

The crystals and stones you are drawn to have unique messages and medicine for you.

It is far beyond what can be gleaned in a book.

As you get to know your stones, they become potent allies in the adventure of life. 

Lori A Andrus in the Forest

Hi, I am Lori A Andrus.

Stone lover and practitioner of earth-based spirituality.

Over the past two decades, I have been working with crystals and stones as allies for healing, growth, and accessing a deeper connection with my own voice of inner wisdom and knowing. Through shamanic practices and creative processes they have guided my work and my life.

Along the way, I’ve uncovered practical and meaningful ways to cultivate the profound connection you are seeking.

As we embark upon this journey together I will guide you in cultivating a new and meaningful relationship with the crystals and stones.

During this 5-day journey, you will be invited to let go of everything you think you know about crystals and stones and discover how they uniquely support and work with you as allies for your journey.

Each day, you’ll receive expert guidance, insider tips, and sacred practices to decipher the language of your beloved crystals and stones. You’ll unearth the unique ways your crystal and stone allies support you on your journey to a more vibrant, healthy, wealthy, and joy-filled life.

This is where the magic of working with crystals and stones begins!

Join me!

with love, Lori


Lori brings a deep devotion and new insights through from her crystal allies with grace, clarity, and a wonderful essence of joyful gratitude and true respect.

Anjel B. Hartwell

Are you ready to cultivate a deeper connection with your crystals and stones?

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