Maribel CavesThis week I’ve been thinking about caves, their energy, and how that energy connects with our own sacred path.

There is a local park I love to visit…it’s along the Niagara Escarpment and filled with caves.  No, there are not any brilliant crystals in these caves, but I find them so intriguing…each one a delicate ecosystem, hidden within Mother Earth…and one that very few visit or explore.

Our inner world is much like this.  Just as it takes courage and curiosity to travel deep within a cave, it takes great courage and sincere curiosity to travel deep within self.  Yet it is only when we go within that we have the opportunity to discover our unique crystals, polish their facets, and emerge illuminated with their brilliant light.


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”  -Joseph Campbell


Lori A Andrus at the

For me, caves feel like a place where magic happens, a place where we can discover our most authentic self and emerge in its truth, and power, and beauty.  Crystals and stones want to be a part of our discovery of ourselves…we just have to ask them.

If you were to journey into your own crystalline cave…What would you most love to know about its delicate ecosystem?  Are there facets you feel ready to explore?

with deep cave sparkles,


p.s.  would you like to join me for a guided shamanic journey into your crystal cave?…stay tuned this week…I will be sharing a special opportunity with you very soon!