Over the past several weeks I’ve been on a creative deep dive, creating a new collection of jewelry . . . and in the process, I’ve been finding myself called to cross yet another threshold, deeper into the realms of the crystals and stones.

This seems to happen with creative crystal projects. The crystals love to align to support us in many facets of our sacred life journey. As I sank into this project, I could hear the stones whispering ‘come closer. listen. there is something new we want to share.’

Sinking deeper into the realms of the crystals and stones is also a journey deeper within . . . one of healing, inspiration, and a more intimate connection with all of life.

As I’ve been busy creating the pieces for a new collection of jewelry, I’ve been finding myself guided by the wisdom of the earth. The earth has a deep understanding of what is unfolding for us during this time, and it is helping us connect with the most potent crystal and stone allies for this time of creative change.

I’m guessing you won’t be surprised when I share that many of these potent allies also showed up in the .

It’s funny because it seems like this would have been a good strategy . . . look at the forecast and create a collection that matches, but the thing about getting creative with the crystals is that the entire process organic and so far from strategic.

I simply sat down, day after day and created. And then, when I was nearly complete, I took a peek at the forecast and busted out laughing: the crystals of the month, for the coming months are represented among each of the pieces. The only stone missing was copper which is actually a part of every piece because brass is 85% copper. Ha! Can’t make this stuff up. So wild.

Ahh, I feel pretty confident say that something beautiful is being birthed in the world right now and while we may not know exactly what that is, the crystals and stones are most definitely active participants in this adventure.

I sincerely hope that one of the pieces from this new collection will make its way to you, supporting you to cross your next threshold in life.

And, for today, I would like to invite you to tune into this week’s episode of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast where I lift the veils on the creative process and my journey deeper with the crystals and stones.

Listen here:

Wishing you a joy filled week!

with love and crystals, Lori


So many amazing stones have been coming together in fresh designs that are sure to inspire, illuminate, and awaken your inner glow!

This new collection features many of the monthly crystals (and the crystal of the year: Lepidolite) from the 2021 Crystal Forecast. They highlight the collective energies and themes and are sure to be amazing allies during this time of creative change.

I’m eager to share these new pieces with you during the Journey Jewels Spring Online Show.

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Talking with Stones Masterclass. Tuesday, June 9th. 5pm – 6:15pm cst – $44

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Wisdom they are eager to share as we cultivate relationship with each other.

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LAA Icosahedron Crystal Line