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Happy Friday!

Wow, it has been a busy week. On Sunday I kicked off the 5-day Activated Soul Journey with a beautiful group of individuals. Big heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined me for this event. (sign up to enjoy the replay)

There is something really potent about sinking into sacred space with community. It creates a space for change and transformation to unfold on both personal and collective levels.

Yesterday, after we wrapped up, I sank a bit deeper into one of the themes that emerged . . . the trailblazer and the pioneering spirit.

As creative spiritual trailblazers, we can often feel like we are all alone in our journey, like no one else really understands our ideas or beliefs. We tend to find fulfillment outside of traditional pathways and have a desire to affect change in meaningful and heartfelt ways. We hold vision that others struggle to relate to and sadly, from a place of fear or discomfort, have shamed and judged.

Have you ever felt this or had such experiences?

During our 5-day journey together, it was clear that such experiences left many of us feeling like it was best to dim our light or draw back our energy, to hide out or play small.

The thing is, significant changes are unfolding in the world right now, and out-of-the-box thoughts and ideas, fresh vision, and creative space for new possibilities to emerge . . . and that means, your unique gifts are needed NOW more than ever before.

Creative, Spiritual Trailblazer . . . This is Your Time.

Sink deeper into conversation with me. Explore how to anchor your light and let it shine brightly amidst changing times. Listen in here:

Wishing you a joy-filled weekend!

much love, Lori

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