Last night was full moon…a time when all of our senses and instincts often feel heightened.  Our sleep state may feel a little lighter and are our dreams are often easier to recall.  For me, last night was filled with wild and magical dreams!

I Loved it!  I find dreamtime to be one the most decadent times of day.

I love to linger in bed drifting in and out of dream worlds.  Exploring, letting my imagination expand, seeing new and old friends, soaring on the back of an eagle, or flying solo across a map of the world, walking through a rainbow and entering an entirely new world.

Dreamtime is sacred.  It’s a time to expand into what is both real and beyond what our minds can conceive as real.

Last night was one of those nights where I drifted between sleep, waking, and dreaming…and yes, it was decadent.

Over the past 10 years I have brought a lot of awareness to my dreamtime, exploring different tips, tricks and techniques for deepening my dream state, recall, and understanding of the dream itself.

After a fantastic night like last night I felt inspired to share some insights with you.

So this is the Journey Jewels guide to creating a magical dreamtime (yes, this is going to include stones)…

1.  Create a space on your nightstand for stones, crystals, and the piece of jewelry you are currently working with.  (Make sure this piece is empowered with your current intention.  It will help to guide your energy as you dream.  It’s also a fantastic point to reference when you’re trying to understand the symbolism of your dreams.  For ‘how to’ suggestions, check out this video)
2.  Next to your piece of jewelry you will want a little dish with a couple extra dreamtime stones.  The stones listed below are the ones most commonly found in my bowl…but there are others that enter and leave at different times.  So trust your instincts and welcome the stones that you feel called to dream with.  Also this is a great time to remember that less is more.  So you may wish to begin by simply placing your piece of jewelry next to your bed.  Your sleep and dreamtime needs to be restful and relaxing…too many stones can interrupt that…so keep it simple. Lori A Andrus - Crystals and stones for dreams

  • Malachite brings hidden emotions to the surface
  • Selenite deepens your insights
  • Rose Quartz guides you with love…connecting you with all aspects of love in your life
  • Moonstone will guide you on journeys that feel magical and mythical
  • Black Tourmaline is incredibly grounding and it will help you to feel safe as you take your dream journey.  It is also a wonderful stone for warding off night terrors
  • Clear Quartz is a direct connection with spirit.  It creates a sense of clarity and understanding
  • Angelite is soothing to your emotions and calls in the celestial beings so that you may connect with angelic realms
  • Tourmilated Quartz offers the powerful effects of Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz in one powerful little stone
  • Kyanite is a stone that guides your spirit through the worlds.  In dream time it reconnects you with your core truth and inspires you to plant the seeds of your becoming
  • Citrine is a stone of clarity and brightness.  It is a stone that I love to have on each of my alters because it keeps the energy of the other stones fresh and light.  With regards to dreamtime…it’s a fantastic stone to light your path.

3.  As you settle into bed, take a moment for a prayer.  Simply speak from your heart.  Ask, share, offer gratitude, and take a moment to reflect on what’s happening in your life…acknowledge your current challenges and celebrations.
4.  Keep a journal and a glass of water by your bed.  If you awake in the middle of the night with a dream to remember, it is important that you write it down with as much detail as possible right away.  Don’t wait…when we wait we create lots of space to forget.  Taking a sip of water helps you to anchor the dream into your consciousness.
5.  Give yourself time.  I’m a person who loves things to happen instantaneously, but when it comes to dreams it’s best to give them space and allow them to reveal themselves in their own time.  Every time you make a subtle change to your routine give yourself at least 3 nights to integrate that change.

I wish you a sweet and blissful dreamtime!

Much love,

Lori A Andrus