Friday wrapped up the Sacred Practices for Sacred Living interview series.

This was an incredibly joyful week for me…connecting with several of my dear friends and colleagues to interview them about their sacred practices and how those practices have been a part of their own transformational journey…inspiring on so many levels.

Creating a series like this is something I’ve long wanted to do, and I am so grateful I said ‘yes’ to the spirit nudges I was receiving this spring.  

It’s not always easy to tune in, listen to, and take action upon the guidance that comes through…there are soooo many little things that can pop up to interfere (our own fears, time, things we just simply don’t know how to do…ie technology, and so much more).  

And trust me, taking a leap into the unknown is scary.  But I knew it was time, and every aspect of my guidance affirmed it…so I took the leap!  And I am so glad I did!

I just love the jewels of wisdom that emerged throughout the week.  I found myself inspired one guest after another.  And as the week unfolded, I loved hearing how many of them spoke of their altars and sacred spaces…the space they enter to connect, ground, meditate, clear their mind, and find focus…their soul sanctuary.
Lori at altar
As a priestess, my soul sanctuary is the foundation for all of my sacred practices.  It is the space I enter to connect with the Divine and tune into my inner wisdom.
It is active and alive, and it evolves and changes as I do.

Perhaps this is one of your sacred practices too!

If it isn’t…give it a try…and if it is, maybe these tips will inspire you to take it a bit deeper.

1.  Find a space within your home that already feels natural and comfortable…a space that you naturally gravitate to.  

2.  Tune into the items in that space.  Reflect upon their significance.  Is there anything there that does not support your dreams?  If there is, it’s time to let it go (donate or gift it to someone possibly ready to expand into what the item once meant to you).

3.  Add to your space one or two items that do support/reflect your dreams.  You can repeat this over a series of days…but don’t do too much at once, ease into it.  Lovingly welcome each new item.  

4.  Create time (everyday, even if it’s just for 2 minutes) to pause in that space, be present, breathe, and connect with your vision.

I would love to hear what unfolds for you…Please share in the comment section below.

Also, if you’re ready to dive much deeper in creating your own soul sanctuary, I would like to invite you to join me for my upcoming 12-day journey to ‘Create your own Soul Sanctuary.’

Learn more and Register here:

This is a new program that truly comes from my heart, and it would be a great honor to guide you in taking this journey!

Sending you my love,
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