For me, creating jewelry is like taking a sacred venture with each of the materials..especially the stones.  We come together to create pieces of jewelry that not only look beautiful, but pieces that empower and transform lives.

One of the first ways we establish our relationship and begin to work together is to cleanse the stones.

When I welcome the stCleansing stones with sage and cedar smudgeones into my home they are first placed in their own sacred space…a place where they are able to simply sit for a couple days.  Next, they are smudged (cleanse in the smoke) with a combination of sage and palo santo wood.  Once they have been smudged and given time to harmonize withing their sacred space I work with them to clarify their next most empowering step…that may be to offer them time in the sun, on the earth, in the moonlight, or in water.  Each stone is truly unique.

I’ve create this video on how to cleanse your jewelry.  While each piece already arrives to you cleansed and holding an intention you may wish to cleanse your jewelry after you have been wearing it for a bit.