This week I spent a good bit of time connecting with one of my favorite crystal allies, Chrysocolla. I so LOVE this beauty. It feels like spring and its energy is just as refreshing.

Chrysocolla is the February crystal of the month.

It has a lot to share during this heart centered month.

This week’s podcast episode focuses on these three messages:

1. Trust your inner wisdom. This is not always easy. Chrysocolla is inviting us to be aware of those moments when we dismiss our intuition in favor of logic and reason, or the voice of another. Chrysocolla is reminding us that no time is better than the present to trust our own inner voice, to listen, and act upon our own knowing.

2. Align your vision with love. Chrysocolla creates a bridge between the heart and the center of vision. It creates the alignment needed to bring voice to our dreams.

3. Taste the Rainbow. Attune into the sweetness and vibrancy of life with all of your senses.

Grab a piece of Chrysocolla and join me in attuning to its energy and messages as we sink into this week’s episode of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast. Listen in here:

Wishing you a joyful week!

with love, Lori

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