This week I’ve been immersed in ceremony.

Crystal Wisdom Week began on Monday in the Crystal Immersion FB group. (Did you miss this free online event? Would you still like to join us? Head on over here: Click join group. Answer a couple questions and then we are happy to welcome you!​)

Oh my, it has been amazing. 

Each day we went deeper into ceremony.

Refreshing. Deeply connected. Inspiring. 

It opened a doorway into the crystalline realms and created space for deep connection, crystal clarity, and powerful insights.

Ceremony is magical like that. 

I will never forget the first time I stepped into a fire ceremony. I felt a sense of timelessness and a connection with spirit that was simultaneously new and so familiar.

That ceremony activated an entirely new way of being for me, one in which ceremony became a central part of my life.

Ceremony is a potent space for gaining clarity around what is most important to our soul and our soul’s journey. It supports us in stepping out of the logic and reason that we so artfully use to defend our outdated stories and limiting beliefs. And it invites in the support of spirit so that we can begin to clearly recognize our most powerful steps in creating our reality.

In this week’s episode of Crystal Shaman Life Podcast I dive into the Magic, Power, and Gifts of Ceremony. 

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