Happy New Moon!
Today is July’s new moon…a fantastic day to mark  commitments to new beginnings.

What area of your life has been calling for your attention?  It may be cleaning a closet, changing your diet to include more green smoothies and fresh garden veggies.  Or maybe a relationship is feeling strained and it’s needing your nurturing.  New moons are a fantastic time to lovingly reflect and take a gentle inventory of what is ready to shift, change, or evolve.

This afternoon I am honoring the new moon with a sacred ceremony.  I love ceremony because ceremony inspires transformation at the level of the soul.  It is one of the many ways to speak the language of the soul.  In ceremony co-create, with Spirit, deep and profound transformation that is anchored at all levels of your being.

I created a video for you to share my ceremony process and guide you in creating your own new moon ceremony.  Enjoy!

Are you ready to learn more about how you can bring more ceremony into your life?

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Have a wonderful week and Shine Brightly!