Mmm . . . I’m so enjoying the energy of this weekend.

What have you been noticing? How have you been experiencing it?

In my world, I’ve been finding myself immersed in deep conversations with friends, profound dreams, sinking into creative projects, and enjoying quiet, reflective time as I dive deeper into my study and practice of the ceremonial arts.

Weeks ago, I received guidance to block off a bit of time on my calendar at the end of October / beginning of November. I’m really glad I listened.

This midpoint of the fall season is a time when our intuitive senses feel heightened.

We may recognize or experience this as a clear(er) connection with the spiritual worlds. We may notice animal messengers popping in with a little love or we may awake with a clear message, words of wisdom, or sense of knowing. We may feel more connected with self, with spirit, and with all of life than we do at other times.

Often, this time of year is recognized as one in which the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds are thin. During this time, our ability to connect with the unseen or spiritual realms happens with greater ease. It is a rich time for honoring our ancestors and healing ancestral patterns. It is a time for love, compassion, and forgiveness. It is a time for ceremony.

In this week’s episode of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast I dive into conversation around the difference between sacred practice, ritual, and ceremony and I share some of my favorite ceremony tips and tricks.

Listen in Here:

Wishing you a joy-filled week.

with love and crystals, Lori

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