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I hope you’ve felt the powerful connections and insights these stones can bring into your life. I invite you to join the Sanctuary Membership Circle to continue this journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. You’ll deepen your understanding and practice here with exclusive resources, guided meditations, and a supportive community. Additionally, enhance your journey with the Stones Speak Oracle Deck, a tool designed to help you uncover even more wisdom and guidance from your stones. Let’s take this transformative path together—your sanctuary awaits!

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Lori A Andrus with Peony

Experience the inner landscape of your crystal.

Lori and the stones speak oracle paintings

Thank you for joining me on this sacred journey.

I am deeply committed to holding space for your journey as you . . .

♦ Illuminate and break free of old patterns, stories, and beliefs of limitation.

♦ Renew your sense of vision and possibility.

♦ Evolve, grow, and heal in ways that activate soulful changes in your life.

Together, let’s explore how earth-based spirituality, practices, and healing can help you courageously navigate every facet of your life.