Welcome to Day 2!

Looking at your crystal through a little different lens . . . a camera lens.

Crystal Photo Taking Tips . . . 

1. Keep the tech simple. The camera on your phone will be great!

2. Invite your crystal to reveal where and when it would like to be photographed. Trust what it asks for . . . nature, an old worn barn board, on the table in a local cafe as you sip your coffee, on your desk next to your keyboard as you work. Let this be fun + play with its position, lighting, etc.

3. Keep a bit of distance between the camera lens and the crystal. In the video I said about 12″ – 18″ . . . then I went out and took some pictures and found myself about 6″ away. Just know that distance between the lens and the crystal creates space for the lens to focus. You can always zoom in or crop your pic for a little tighter frame.

4. Take multiple pictures from different angles. Let go of the ones that just don’t give you a ‘ping of yes!’ And keep the ones that do. Select one picture to explore.

5. Spend a bit time reflecting on what you see in the picture. Here are some suggestions:

  • Where did your crystal want to be photographed?
  • What is significant about this spot?
  • What did you notice about your crystal when you either uploaded the picture to a bigger screen or printed it off?
    Some things you may with to pay attention to are: shape, color, light, reflections, patterns, images, the way it may match the location or some part of it may reflect the background.

6. Remember that yesterday you activated your crystal with your intention . . . so everything it is sharing with you today is a bit of an insight regarding your intention . . . isn’t that cool?!!! And, don’t feel like you need to interpret or understand its messages today . . . we are playing a little game of ‘connect the dots’ with our crystal. On the final day of this journey you will be guided in how to do that. So just sink in and enjoy what shows up today!

7. Share your a-ha’s and insights in the Sacred Space facebook group.  Join us HERE.

8. Now this is the MOST IMPORTANT step . . . Be Playful + HAVE FUN!

Check this out . . . My Carnelian has the same pattern as this compass rose on a map on Vancouver Island . . . isn’t that cool?!!! Yep, this little lovely had A LOT to say about allowing my creativity to be my compass.

Yep . . . this is my Sunstone Whale on the icy cap on the Bay of Green Bay . . . it’s smiling away, happy as can be!

After taking this picture I saw the Blue Onyx as an eye into a magical realm . . . doesn’t the lava around it look like dragon scales?

Experience Your Crystal through a New Lens!

About Lori . . .

Lori A Andrus is an artist and wisdom teacher.

With great joy and deep commitment, she artfully blends her background as an occupational therapist with nearly two decades of deep study in the areas of spirituality, earth-based healing, ceremony, and crystal wisdom.

Through soulful inquiry, she invites her clients to explore the most intimate facets of their soul. Her creative and inspiring online programs offer high level content and breakthrough lifestyle applications. They open pathways for individuals to rise into their soul wisdom and shine brightly in the world.

Lori is the host of the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast where she shares practical ways to bring crystal wisdom and sacred practice into your everyday life.

She holds a bachelors of science degree in psychology and a master’s degree in occupational therapy. She is a graduate of The Four Winds Healing the Light Body School, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a practitioner of crystal shamanism. Lori immersed herself in the teachings of the high mountain medicine men and women. Here, she delved into profound and meaningful practices that deepen one’s connection with the earth through sacred ceremonies and rituals, resulting in powerful healing and transformation

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