Lori in Baltimore

at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD

I just returned from a couple days in Baltimore where I attended the Transformational Author Breakthrough with Christine Kloser.

I just love live events.  It is so powerful to be among a group of people who’ve come together holding a collective energy and vision.  Such a group creates the space for deep, profound, and rapid transformation.  New wisdom and insights abundantly flow through everyone creating lasting change.

Christine Kloser and me

A quick pic with Christine Kloser

Yes, I left transformed on so many levels.  But as I walked through my door on Thursday evening I saw just how easy it would be for me to return to life as it was before…slipping back into old patterns and ways of being that I let go of while being in the collective energy of the event.

Have you ever felt this?  Taken a journey, gone on a retreat, a vacation, or live event, changed in deep and profound ways only to return home and re-engage old ways of being?

It’s really a common thing.  Change happens instantaneously…but the transformation of our life only happens when we fully integrate those changes in every facet of our life.

  1. Take your journey with a new talisman or sacred object…this may be a new piece of jewelry, a stone, a shell, picture, quote, feather, etc…an item to symbolize your transformation.  I typically create a new piece of jewelry before going to a transformational event.  I create it to hold my personal intention for the event, and while I am there I wear it (or carry it with me) throughout the entire event so that it soaks up the powerful energy of transformation.  When I return I continue to wear the piece…for the next moon cycle allowing it to support my new alignment.  Choose an object to take the journey with you and support you by holding the essence of your transformation as you return home.
  2. Clean before you go.  I know it’s hard to clean before traveling…between the busyness of life and the process of packing, but it is really important.  When we return home from a transformational experience we need to be able to walk into our house feeling expansive and to see our space with fresh eyes.  Chaos of clutter will instantly pull us out of our new vibration we are trying to integrate.  So take a little extra time to plan ahead.
  3. Document the experience.  One of the best ways for us to integrate an experience is to write it down…to record all of the insights and wisdom that surround our transformation.  It’s not always easy to do this while right in the energy of the transformation…so this is something I do while traveling.  If I’m driving I record my thoughts on my iphone…if I’m flying I either type them up or write them in a journal.  I find so many additional layers of insight are revealed in this process…making it a fabulous way to integrate the transformation.
  4. Keep spaciousness in your calendar when you return.  So often we return home and dive right back into our old ways of being busy.  It’s so important to create space in your activities upon returning because as you’ve shifted and grown.  It takes time to discover how we want to respond to things and to take new action…time and space are necessary parts of figuring that out.
  5. Simplify your Space…clutter creates chaos.  Set aside time to make changes in your home that reflect your transformation.  Select one space/room to reorganize in a way that mirrors your new experience of yourself.  This can mean letting things go (donate, gift, toss, sell) in order to simplify your space.  It can also mean selecting a new item or changing a wall color to match who you have become in your experience.  I personally love to re-organize my office and shake up my alters.
  6. Create structures and systems of support.  I’m not typically the person to talk about structures and systems…I love the fluidity of being…but there is a time for both.  When we are integrating a new way of being we need visual reminders, consistency and processes that will support us in our integration.  Systems and structures are a way to do that…they can be as simple as creating a reflection sheet for your new morning meditation or updating your flow sheet to record your income and expenses.  Structures and systems help you to hold yourself accountable to your vision and support you as you step in powerfully living your sacred path.

In the comment section below, I would LOVE to hear what you do to support your integration after a transformational experience….

Sending you my love and wishing you a wonderful week!

Sunrise from my hotel room

Beautiful view of the sunrise from my hotel room

Shine Brightly,
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p.s.  Saturday the 5th is New Moon…a great time to honor and celebrate new beginnings in your life.  What new way of being will you welcome into your life?