Since the new year, I feel like so much has been unfolding in my life…things are opening, expanding, evolving and with that has been a time of surrender, shedding, and letting go.  Ah, yes, this has been a time of great transformation.

Winter is a wonderful time for inner transformation…and in order to transform our outer world, we need to begin within.

The winter season invites us to take time to go within, be present with, and listen to the stories and beliefs that have been our guiding force.  As we listen to them we have an opportunity question whether or not they truly reflect our purest expression…are they in alignment with our Divine Essence?  Doing this can feel scary.  It’s uncomfortable, and it is not easy.  For me, this means being present with the beliefs and stories that are not only specific to me, but those that have been generational, cultural, social.  They may be the beliefs of my family, my friends, my community…ones that I’ve adopted without question.  Such deep inner reflection helps me to not only shed light upon them but to begin to discern which ones to shed.  As I do, I create space for my next expression.  This space is essential.  It creates an opening to consciously choose beliefs that not only reflect me, but beliefs that will empower me on my path.

I think this is a part of the shamanic, priestess path I’ve chosen…to dig deeply within and to bring light to places I have hidden from both myself and others.  Doing this is not easy and it is something I feel I cycle through at different times in my life, each time deepening my understanding, expanding further into myself.

In her book Alchemical Healing, Nicki Scully says ‘there is no end to becoming.’  I believe this with every cell of my being.  There is always more to understand, to illuminate and to embrace.  I do not look upon this path lightly.  I know it is not one for all to travel, but it is mine.  It is the path I choose and every day I welcome the opportunity to expand further into my becoming.

As a part of this natural cycle, I’ve taken time over the past couple days to consciously shed light upon some of my own limiting beliefs, habits and stories.  I’ve done this by gathering them into a page in my journey.  I’ve been writing down inner agreements (contracts so to speak) that I’ve made around money, freedom, success, receiving, and relationships.  Each one seems to have its own root in my life…and each one needs to be unearthed so that the root of my Divine self can expand and grow.Winter Fire Ceremony - Angelite - Lori A Andrus

This has been a sacred process.  It’s been emotional.  And each of these agreements have needed to be seen and heard with love and compassion.

Tonight I honored each of these beliefs in a fire ceremony.  For me, to honor in ceremony is to offer love and compassion to what has felt restricting while also letting them go.  Fire creates rapid transformation and as we release into the fire what isn’t working in our lives we create space for the transformation.

Angelite - Lovingly express your needsIn preparing for my fire my Angelite necklace called to me…it wanted to be worn for this ceremony.  This surprised me as I was already wearing my favorite moonstone, but I put it on and went out to create my fire.

It was so interesting to wear Angelite for this ceremony.  I see Angelite as a stone that supports ‘lovingly expressing your needs’ and tonight it did just that.  I found myself clearly expressing the beliefs I was ready to let go of, asking for Divine support and then as the fire began to die, I was guided to breath life into my Divine essence….acknowledging its beauty, power, grace and the unique gifts I have to offer the world.  Tonight I heard my breath, alive.  The cells of my body, alive.  And my Divine Essence, Alive.  It was so powerful.

Thank you Spirit and thank you Angelite.

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I’d love to hear about your experiences with Angelite…and I invite you to share them below!

Shine Brightly,