Greetings from Sedona!
I’m about one week into my annual dessert southwest pilgrimage (warmer weather, sacred sites, ceremony, hiking, inner reflection, writing, and of course a little visit to the Tucson gem and mineral show).

Today the snow is falling over the gorgeous red rocks. Everything is beautiful and white! It feels really refreshing.

Sedona Snow

Over the weekend I visited with a relative (who lives in Sedona). He told me how he planted his peas a couple days ago and he was excited about this snow because he said the best tasting peas grow after having a couple inches of snow fall on newly planted seeds. He gave a lot of great reasons (the snow has great nutrients for the seeds, it keeps them warm against the earth so they germinate well, etc), and his reasons felt like metaphors for how we nurture the deeply planted seeds of our dreams and intentions during the winter season.

Tomorrow, February 2nd, marks the mid-point of the winter season, a day many of us recognize as Groundhog’s Day, but the celebration of this day is much much older. It is also referred to as Imbolc or St. Brigid’s Day. This day marks a point in the year when we begin to energetically break from the deep, dark winter silence and feel a sense of warmth or an inner fire growing. This inner fire reflects the warming of the earth as well as the extra hours of sunlight that we experience each day. Often as the external and internal fires begin to grow we feel inspired to begin taking action in ways that support the growth of our dreams and intentions.

Is this something you have been feeling? I definitely have. I think it may be part of why I love to traveling someplace warm during the second part of the winter season . . . it’s a great way to Break the Winter Silence.

The type of action that is most powerful during this time of the year is what I like to call the ‘behind-the-scenes’ action rather than bright and flashy action. It’s gentle. It may include having conversations about your dreams and intentions with people who will hold your vision sacred with you. It may include writing, researching, planning. When I designed jewelry, this was the time of year I designed new collections and purchased new inventory (yep, the gem show was perfectly timed for this step in my cycle).

In this week’s episode of the Priestess Pathway Podcast, I dive deeper into this topic of Breaking the Winter Silence.

I have also created a guided meditation to support you in clarifying what steps would be most empowering for you to take during this second half of the winter season.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

much love,

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