I hope you’re enjoying a lovely summer!

It’s hard to believe the season is in full swing and that it has been over two months since we last connected here, through my newsletter . . . actually, I believe my last message was with the closing of Journey Jewels jewelry.

I didn’t anticipate it, but that transition called me into a period of silence and inner reflection.

Creating jewelry had been a significant part of my sacred work since my very first experience with energy healing in 2003. It has opened many pathways for deepening my relationship with both spirit and with the crystals.

Back in April, when I began letting go of Journey Jewels, it felt like a pretty simple and clear transition.

But as I surrendered into the experience I began to recognize the all of the ways this part of myself needed to be honored and unraveled in order to truly create space for what wants to come next, to lay a solid foundation for my next right step.

I don’t know about you, but too often I try to rush from the close of one experience into the next exciting endeavor without giving myself a chance to simply breathe within the space of the unknown.

I thought I would try something different this time around 😉

As I sank into this transition, I began to recognize that this was actually a point of shamanic initiation . . . I was crossing a threshold and preparing for the next chapter of my life and my sacred work.

Right now, I feel on the cusp of that next chapter and I’m getting very eager to share more.

But for today, I want to simply say hello and to share that this summer I am offering a series of in person summer workshops.

If you’re in Northeast WI, I would love for you to join me!

Check out the In-Person Summer Workshops here:https://loriaandrus.com//events/

Not in the area? I have several self-study online courses available here:https://loriaandrus.com//programs/

And, stay tuned as I have some pretty amazing crystal shaman opportunities coming soon!

Sending you lots of love!The Earth Delights - Kahlil Gibran Quote

Shine Brightly,